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All of our 2020 Gardening Workshops will be online until further notice. Our goal is to enable as many gardeners as possible to grow food successfully in our region. All facilitators are experienced gardeners who have teaching experiences and understand growing conditions in our region.

WHEN: Saturday, April 18 at 10am (Not a good time? Identical session on Saturday, April 20 at 7pm HERE)
WHERE: Online (Zoom meeting - participants can access for free using a computer or phone via internet browser, or by downloading the Zoom app)
COST: $5 per person
(If payment is an issue, click this LINK to request to attend for free)          
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Have a backyard and do not know how to convert it into a food garden? Or that front yard with perfect sunlight but worry about the look of having tomato trellis? What about those beautiful garden boxes you’ve always wanted to make?

Meet the Facilitator
Bee Vaillancourt is a gardener, farmer and yoga teacher. She has worked on all kinds of gardening settings both in Canada and internationally, small and big, and gets invited back for her gardening teaching sessions! On top of being a farmer, Bee helps people design their backyards and gardens as a profession and is happy to share her extensive knowledge.

What will the workshop cover?
This workshop focuses on designing gardens and growing food outdoors around your house or in a community garden setting, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. It is good for both beginners or intermediate gardeners who have questions or want to confirm their practices growing food in the Ottawa region.

How will the workshop be structured?
This interactive online webinar will begin with a “classroom session” with lots of pictures, followed by a demonstration and Q&A with the instructor. *Note that there will be a chat feature which you will be able to use to ask questions during the workshop!


Resources Recommended by Bee

  • Please have a notepad and a pencil/pen with you for the workshop. Resources will be shared during the presentation.
April 18, 2020 at 10:00am - 12pm
Sorry, this event is sold out.