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All of our 2020 Gardening Workshops will be online until further notice. Our goal is to enable as many gardeners as possible to grow food successfully in our region. All facilitators are experienced gardeners who have teaching experience and understand growing conditions in our region.

WHEN: Saturday, April 25 at 2pm 
WHERE: Online (Zoom meeting - participants can access for free using a computer or phone via internet browser, or by downloading the Zoom app)
COST: $5 per person
(If payment is an issue, click this link to request to attend for free)          
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Just Food, in partnership with Gaia Organic Seed, brings this workshop just in time when you are starting and planning your garden this year. Locally tested and adapted seeds are essential for your garden success. This is especially true in our region with the weather patterns in combination with a changing climate.

Meet the Facilitator
Manish is the founder of Gaia Organic Seeds and he will be the facilitator for this workshop. Gaia Organic Seeds is an Ottawa based business that provides organic seeds to Ontario residents. Manish has extensive knowledge of seeds, seed sovereignty and other aspects of farming and gardening. Manish is one of the volunteer coordinators for the Ottawa Seed Library.

“We believe seeds are the world’s most precious treasure.” Vision statement - Gaia Organic Seeds.

What will the workshop cover?
This workshop focuses on what you need to know to be able to harvest seeds from your own garden plot or pot. Plants naturally go to seed, but to grow vegetables for seeds, there are basic principles to follow and techniques to use. This workshop is for both beginner and experienced gardeners and will equip you with the necessary skills to harvest your own seeds successfully for growing in the next years to come.

How will the workshop be structured?
This interactive online webinar will begin with a “classroom session” with lots of pictures, followed by a demonstration and Q&A with the instructor. *Note that there will be a chat feature which you will be able to use to ask questions during the workshop!

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April 25, 2020 at 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Will you come?

$5.00 Seed Saving Up Above